8 Reasons Why You Should Become a Model on Thrive Elites!

thrive management
Aug 26, 2019

Not everyone is lucky when it comes to chasing after their dreams and becoming a model is not an exception. However, starting on anything is not all about luck alone. How many people in the industry have been scouted on the streets? Yes, it is possible, but not always guaranteed. Well, luckily enough, you are born in an era where social media is prevalent.


In finding opportunities for your modeling career, you can exploit the internet to secure professional contracts and Thrive Elites exists to help aspiring models realized their dreams.


Here are 10 reasons why you should become a model on Thrive Elites:


1. Advanced technology


Models get to have smooth experience because Thrive Management uses technology to facilitate everything. In the website, you can easily register here.


2. Free traveling cost


Models often need to travel for some projects and Thrive Elites shoulders your first travel expense in meeting brand partners for the shoot. Once your contract is secured, the next travel commitments will be covered by the brand you will work with.


3. Models get paid well


One of the concerns of aspiring models is if modeling is a secured job that makes financial independence possible. Thrive Elites makes sure its talents get the most of their hard work.


4. Accepts plus-size models


Body positivity is important for Thrive Elites. Gone were the days that models should be skinny to make it huge in the industry. Nowadays, there are lots of projects that require plus-size models. Thrive Elites also believes that a great team knows how to cheer each other and be supportive by offering acceptance and love.


5. Excellent platform for networking


Thrive Elites is an excellent platform where a bridge is built that connects you to the industry professionals like photographers, fashion stylists, make-up artists and the like.


6. Partnered with big brands

Thrive Elites works with well-known brands like Prada, Armani, Balenciaga, Zara, Topman, Forever 21, H&M, Calvin Klein, Versace, Guess, and many more.


7. Constantly adapting to new standards

The modeling industry has drastically changed for the past years. You don’t have to be a specific size, height, and whatnot measurements the previous decades required and implemented. Thrive Management gives an opportunity to everyone; it looks for talents, individuals with particular charm and characteristic that can carry themselves with grace and confidence. Age is also just a number, and it will remain that way.


8. You can become a VIP model


Thrive Elites screens its talent properly and makes sure models are well taken care of. They love aspiring models who work hard to achieve their dreams, and so they make sure it always pays off.


Thrive Elites is proud to represent represent champion personality and diversity throughout the roster. Here, you can get opportunities like TV commercials, cover shoots, and endless possibilities. It is the right avenue to execute your goals, build your portfolio, and exhibit what you’ve got. Thrive Elites helps you get into the world where you will get the proper recognition and support.