Why Modeling is Fun!

thrive management
Aug 26, 2019

Chasing your dreams is definitely not all about rainbows and butterflies; it is not always nice and dandy. Often, there are blood, sweat, and tears needed for you to succeed. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at all!


Any type of career can be stressful, and modeling is not an exemption, and the competition in the modeling industry is pretty stiff. Though, it also means that you can build lots of friendship that can make your journey fun and worthwhile. Aside from the obvious reason, there are other things that make modeling fun and exciting.


Taking “Selfies” Are Different from Photoshoots


Okay, that is obvious, but you wouldn’t discover the wonders of angles if you stick with taking selfies. You might think that you have perfected all the corners of your facial features already but wait until professional photographers capture your photos. Sure, you are beautiful no matter how you take your pictures, yet photographers can capture something beyond beautiful within you that you didn’t know exists.


It is one thing to have friends, families, or random people on the streets to tell you that you are beautiful. Nonetheless, photography is another form of art, and photographers bring out the art in you. It helps you boost your confidence further. When you are being photographed, other elements such as natural backdrops, like the sky and the sea, or artificial lightings add up to your own sense of wonder and beauty.


Photoshoots are also fun to do even though it can be challenging and really exhausting most of the time. People see us differently, and you will be surprised by how photographers see you behind the lenses.


Discovering Another Side of Yourself


We all have different personas; we adapt and adjust depending on the people we are with. It is the same in modeling; you have different characters that you portray relative on the setup and theme of the brand you are working with. It shows your flexibility and skills when it comes to projecting emotions and body language in front of the camera.


As stated above, photographers can give you another version of you in a different light, but it is still all you! No matter how creative, dramatic, or innovative the photographers get during the shoots, it is still your presence in the photo that makes it great. It is in the way your eyes smile without having your lips turn upward, or the way your hair dances with the wind and you exude a feeling of contentment.


After every shoot, you will feel transformed – as if another version of you has been awakened and you are ready to express and embrace it.


Opening Doors of Amazing Opportunities


Chasing your dreams can take so much from you, but on the other hand, it can also give so much. Taking the step to put yourself out there, get your photos taken, and build a platform for yourself can open lots of doors to greater opportunities. The next thing you know, brands are already trying to cast you. You will find yourself being happy despite the exhaustion because you finally made it, and you’re having fun because you love what you are doing.