How to Be Confident in Front of the Camera

thrive management
Aug 26, 2019

When your dream is to become a model; you have to be photographed or filmed. However, not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. Some people would advise you to just be yourself, and you’re good to pose – the key: be confident. What if you are naturally shy? How do you overcome it?


Most people would think that modeling is only for extroverts because it revolves around production team and possibly a crowd of spectators or bystanders. But even with an introverted personality, you can still become your best self in the modeling industry. These are the things you must keep in mind if you wish to get past the butterflies when the camera points at you:


Practice Alone and Talk to Yourself


Often, what makes you shy are the people around you. Perhaps you get self-conscious when others stare at you when you take a selfie. Maybe you are with a friend and you passed by a great spot for Instagram pictures, but there are too many people, and it makes you anxious.


Insecurity runs deep, but practice makes things perfect or at least opens a room for improvement. Either way, you can have a better result if you start talking to yourself or striking a pose in front of the mirror. Focus on yourself and be present. Try not to zone out and just stay grounded. What do you see? Most importantly, do you like what you see? From there, you can assess yourself and be clear on what you want to project in photos or videos.


You may also try to do it in front of an actual camera. Doing this often can help you be familiar with the feeling of being the subject and focus of the lenses.


Pick Clothes that Make You Feel Good About Yourself


In the modeling industry, pleasing looks – may it be your physical feature or how you carry yourself – is a big factor if you want to sign a contract. However, it is vital to note that you can style yourself aesthetically without compromising your comfort. Putting on clothes that make you uncomfortable will undoubtedly show in front of the camera which may not have the best shot.


If you feel good about your clothes and the way you look; it will give you a boost and will allow yourself to relax a bit. Your energy and expression can be caught in images and films, so it is essential that you have a sense of self-satisfaction.


Lighting Works Do Wonders


Lighting plays a significant role both in photography and videography. Natural light can give you the exposure that allows you to see yourself in a different and brighter light. It can ignite the confidence you didn’t know you actually have.


Even when you are just practicing, clicking the shutter and capturing the right moment requires perfect timing. It goes the same with lighting. In photography, when you take your photo shortly before the sun sets or after the sun rises, it provides softer hue and warmer tone that can complement your complexion compared to when the sun is high above the clouds. When you get excellent shots that you are actually happy about; it can encourage you to take more shuts until you get perfectly at ease in front of the camera.


Meanwhile, even when you experiment with artificial lighting or shooting under the overcast weather, you can still take great pictures and flicks. You just have to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself that you can make things happen when you pour your heart and mind into it – with lots of hard work, too.